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Have your personal finances fallen to the dark side? In honor of the new Star Wars movie, Yoda is stepping out of his shoes – well, burlap robe to be precise – and sharing some of his sage Jedi financial advice.

Oh, Yoda’s not a CFP? Faith, you must have. Some of his most recognizable lines might as well read as financial mantras we can all adopt: 

1) "Save or save not, there is no try."

If you’re broke AF now, you’ll stay broke AF if you slack off with your savings. 

2) "Once you start down the debt path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

And you think your spouse is the real ball and chain? Mistaken, you are.

3) "Patience you must have, my young investor."

Translation from Yoda-speak: I will take a lightsaber to your right hand if you keep screwing with your Schwab account. Your nest egg won’t be the size of the Death Star for a while, so chill out. 

4) "FOMO is a path to the dark side."

The ultimate Electric Zoo VIP package or paying down your already high credit card bill? If your answer is the former… discipline, you lack.

 5) "A Jedi’s strength flows from the credit score."

Judge me by my credit score, do you? Actually, yes, lenders do. When a score of 850 you reach, look as good you can not.

You don’t need to be a Jedi to see that if you start with small moves, you can rise from apprentice to master of your finances. May the money be with you.


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