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If you’ve never stuck to a budget before, you’re not alone. Confronting your financial situation, especially when you’re dealing with debt, can be intimidating. Financial advisor and CFP candidate Kevin Matthews tells us how we can reframe our thinking about budgeting, the question we need to ask ourselves when we’re about to splurge, and why we should actually take some decision-making out of our hands. 

As the founder of Building Bread, a wealth education company specializing in financial literacy for young adults, Kevin knows exactly how we can put ourselves on the right financial track. 

Like what you hear? Tune into the new Present Value podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays to hear new episodes. We’ll share Part 3 of Kevin’s interview on Tuesday where he’ll tell us how we can juggle our existing debt and mortgage payments. 


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This article is 2nd in the Kevin Matthews, Building Bread Series

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