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“Why should I care about those three digits? You told me I have other important numbers to remember, like my net worth.”

If your net worth is the equivalent of a calculus formula, then your credit score is like the Nash Equilibrium in A Beautiful Mind.

Your credit score is the main factor in getting a new credit card or whether banks will extend you a loan for a house or a new car. Those three digits reveal how risky a borrower you are to a potential lender or bank. 

A FICO score is the most common measure of your creditworthiness. Fun fact: FICO stands for Fair Issac Corporation, the analytics company that developed the credit score methodology in the 1989. We just saved you ten seconds of Googling. You’re welcome.

Credit scores fall between a range of 300 and 850 points:  

300 to 629 = bad credit

630 to 689 = average credit

690 to 719 = good credit

720 to 850 = excellent credit


If you have a history of missing payments or not paying your bills on time, your FICO score will plummet. And low credit scores don’t garner any favor from banks, lenders, even landlords. If you and your partner plan on handling major purchases together, you’ll need some insight into one another’s credit scores to move forward with your financial goals.

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